Our Curriculum Aims

Pupils are enthusiastic to learn and work hard in lessons. They understand teachers’ expectations of them, and respond well. Pupils work well together and enjoy their learning. Their strong personal development contributes effectively to the progress they make. – OFSTED, May 2019

The school’s very strong Catholic identity permeates all aspects of the learning environment of the school.  – Section 48 Inspection, December 2022.


We provide: A curriculum that promotes the school’s culture and aims.

The school’s direction stems from its Mission Statement ” we are the architects of the future, building lives on the firm foundation of the gospels”. Inspired by Christian values, we aim to provide love and security within a curriculum designed to meet the complex needs of all individuals, in order to prepare them to take place in the ever changing world of today and tomorrow.

At St Joseph’s School our curriculum is designed to empower every child to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Through our curriculum, we aim to foster a love of learning, inspire positive attitudes and behaviours, promote social responsibility, celebrate diversity, and instil a sense of pride and achievement in each child.

We believe in setting high expectations for every child and nurturing their ability to challenge themselves. We celebrate both effort and achievement, fostering a culture where every child can succeed without limits. Mastery of English and Mathematics forms the cornerstone of our curriculum, providing essential skills for success in all areas of learning.

We expect our children to inspire others through their behaviour and attitude. Exemplary behaviour ensures a safe and inclusive environment where every child can fully participate in school life. We support children in developing a sense of pride in themselves, their school, and their achievements.

By placing the child at the centre of learning, we cultivate a love of learning through effective teaching and a broad, balanced curriculum that reflects our school’s values. Our staff have high aspirations for all children and are committed to enabling them to succeed. Through high-quality teaching, deep challenge, and fostering positive attitudes, we ensure high levels of engagement and achievement.

To ensure learning sticks in the long-term memory, we teach knowledge in meaningful contexts and in a connected way. The children are given many opportunities to practice, embed, and retrieve the knowledge so that it moves and sticks in their long-term memory. We identify key concepts from the National Curriculum for children to be procedurally fluent in every subject, forming the basis of our progressive and well-sequenced curriculum maps.

Our curriculum is taught to create geographers and historians, etc., not just for the purpose of covering the National Curriculum.

We instil in our children a sense of social responsibility and respect for one another. Our curriculum includes PSHE to support emotional well-being, and we promote positive mental health for all members of our school community. We celebrate and embrace the diversity within our school community.

Our curriculum teaches children about social inequality, promotes respect for others, and encourages active participation in addressing global issues. We educate children about their rights and responsibilities, fostering social consciousness and citizenship. Our curriculum is enriched by a strong focus on Catholic Social Teaching as well as links with schools overseas ( Jordan and Jamaica) supported by the British Council, empowering children to advocate for themselves and others.

Our values education, a blend of gospel values and British values, underpin everything we do. Through these values, we nurture well-rounded individuals who are considerate, resilient, respectful, and enthusiastic learners.

At St Joseph’s School, our curriculum is more than just a set of subjects; it’s a pathway to success, fulfilment, and positive contribution to the world. We are committed to providing an enriching educational experience that equips every child with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to thrive in an ever-changing society.

Our Curriculum goals

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Our Curriculum Design

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Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

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