School and ECO Council

St Joseph’s School Council members

  • Take on leadership and development roles and represent children’s ideas and suggestions at regular meetings.
  • Ensure that our pupils have a real say on issues that affect them and know that their opinions are heard.
  • Discuss, share their views and, where necessary, democratically vote on actions that need to be taken.
  • Help to organise charity events throughout the year.
  • Engage in projects such as developing school partnerships and creating links with other communities.

St Joseph’s Eco Council members

  • Promote our school-wide recycling program and promote eco-friendly practices.
  • Involve students in planting, maintaining, and harvesting produce from our school garden.
  • Utilise and develop their team skills through running an Eco-friendly refill business.
  • Encourage active travel, by organizing car-free days and promotions as part of the TFL Travel for Life initiative.
  • Encourage the pupils in their class to be aware of their school environment and to respect and care for it