My One Word

Over the last few years staff and pupils of St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School have been focusing on a concept called ‘My One Word’ to bring learning into greater focus.

The concept of ‘My One Word’ is simple: lose that long list of resolutions, targets and goals and replace them with one word that will represent what you most want to achieve in your life.

Viewing daily life through the lens of a single one word, over a period of one academic year, will bring a sharper focus on those areas of life which can help staff and pupils to become confident, responsible and successful learners, while supporting everyone on their faith journey as Catholics.

‘My one Word’ bringing focus into the world of learning.

At the start of every Autumn Term we re-visit the concept of our ‘One Word’. This year, staff and pupils created their ‘One Word’ crosses and offered these to be blessed by our Parish Priest during our annual Welcome Mass in September.

As our ‘One Words’ are prominently displayed in heart shaped prayer baskets on our class prayer tables, it helps everyone to re-focus on our chosen Word through prayer and reflection and gives greater clarity to overcome barriers to achieve a greater potential.

What are the main outcomes of the ‘My Word’ project so far?

The project has had a positive impact on both staff and pupils with some of the responses stated below:

  • gaining a deeper relationship with God
  • a positive outlook
  • a sense of peace and contentment
  • a better understanding and control of their feelings