Through the teaching of highly skilled sporting specialists our aim is to provide all pupils with the skill development, knowledge and vocabulary to progress in their sporting ability in a wide variety of physical activities and situations. We want all children to understand the positive, mental and physical benefits to keeping healthy and want to take part in a range of sports for these reasons.

We continue to engage all children in sport through well structured, developmental and fun, fast paced PE lessons catered to each individual need enabling all children to succeed while learning different life skills through the art of physical activity.


All curriculum PE is taught by our PE coaches who are highly skilled in the delivery of specific sporting activities, skill progression and differentiation within a sports lesson.

The specialist coaches follow a detailed scheme of work for each term and lesson plans which are structured to the age and level of the learners. Children are provided with their full entitlement to Physical Education (minimum of 2 hours) and teachers.

Each term we implement a new sport and set of 6-8 lessons which work through a range of skills and techniques for the children to learn and engage in. For each of the six sessions, teaching points, differentiation, vocabulary and questions are included to bring out the learning and to progress students within the session.

PE lessons include a recapping of previous knowledge/skills in order to strengthen the learning and make links with upcoming lessons. This allows children to understand why they are studying a topic and how it links into PE.

Children begin lessons with a warm-up where they learn to develop their knowledge of how the body responds to exercise and the importance of a warm-up.

We also develop and implement the tactics of each sport and teach the terminology of each sport so the learner’s understanding will be developed and stretched throughout each term.

We work to the national curriculum of what each year should be able to achieve and how and use a range of extension activities to push those students more able and a range of techniques to develop those students who need more assistance with elements of the programme.

The PE Coordinator organises regular opportunities for pupils to participate in sporting events and competitions.

We link with sporting associations such as Wimbledon Tennis, Chelsea FC, Harlequins who regularly provide external coaches to supplement our PE programme. From these sessions children have been talent scouted to receive funded places for their clubs.



Our PE Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. If children are keeping up with the curriculum, they are deemed to be making good or better progress.

In addition, we measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Regular verbal feedback is given within lessons to praise and ensure children are apply the correct technique.
  • Children become stewards of their own learning and support peers to continue to improve and excel.
  • Children develop a wider range of subject specific vocabulary (linked to English Action Plan 2019/20).
  • Understand the impact of Physical activity on their own body (linked to Science curriculum).
  • Measurable impact of high swimming percentage (83%) over 25m and an increased self rescue of 67%
  • Through the Physical Education Action Plan and Governors’ Reports and pupil voice regular reviews can be made to explore the impact of any improvement initiatives.


Curriculum Overviews

PE Curriculum overview – coming soon.