School meals

Harrisons have been chosen by Wandsworth Council to provide, fresh nutritious and healthy lunches to pupils at St Joseph’s.

School Menus

The new 3 week menu rota for the this term is accessible by clicking on the link below.

Cost of School Lunches

The current cost of school lunches is £13.50 per week. Payments need to be made at least a week in advance. All payments now need to be made on-line.

Free School Meals

If you believe your child is entitled to a free school meal, please complete the form below and return to the School Office where they will carry out a check for eligibility with Wandsworth Council. School meals must be paid for until eligibility is confirmed.

Although, we still encourage parents from these classes to use the application form and register for free school meals/pupil premium, as there is additional money available from central government for parents receiving any of the welfare benefits listed on the application form.

It will provide valuable support like extra tuition or school activities. Please see Pupil Premium for additional information on funding.

Healthy Eating

What children eat at school or take on school trips is important and school lunches have to provide a third of a child’s nutrient requirements.

Please see the school’s Healthy Eating Policy and Packed Lunch Guidelines.

Nut Free School

Remember no nuts are allowed in school – please ensure the ingredients list of any food item is checked carefully for nuts.

Allergies/Dietary Changes

If your child has been advised by their GP or health care professional to follow a special diet please complete the Special Dietary Requirements form.