At St. Joseph’s, children develop their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through an enquiry based learning challenge approach, where children’s natural curiosity is fostered through fun, interactive science lessons where children explore investigations based on nature, processes and methods of science to answer scientific questions about the world around them

Carefully planned science lessons are developing children’s science knowledge and understanding based on their previous learning, and link well within half termly topics in a cross-curricular way.

St Joseph’s children are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, and they are motivated, enthused and able to understand how science is applied in the real world. today and for the future.


The Science curriculum at St. Joseph’s follows the National Curriculum objectives and is suppurted by the Kent Science Scheme.

In EYFS, science is covered through Early Learning Goals under the headings of: Understanding the World, People and Communities and Technology.

In Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to work scientifically by using practical scientific methods, processes and skills such as asking simple questions, observing closely, performing simple test identifying and classifying and gathering and recording data to help answer questions.

In Key sage 2, children are taught to plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary using a range of scientific equipment, recording data and using results to make predictions. They are also reporting and presenting findings by identifying scientific evidence.

The Programme of Study is taught through half termly topics with links to other subjects. Please see below for the Science curriculum overview for each year group.

Children have further opportunities to enhance their scientific learning through outdoor learning and enrichment activities within STEM weeks, school trips and science workshops where children learn the possibilities for careers in science as a result of our links to community and scientific resources.


Our successful approach to the teaching of science at St. Joseph’s results in a fun, engaging, high quality science education, that provides children with the foundations for understanding the world to ensure that our children’s attainment in science is in line with or exceeding their age related expectations when we consider the varied starting points of children.

Pupil voice is used to further develop the Science curriculum, through questioning of pupils’ views and attitudes towards Science, to assess the children’s enjoyment of science, and to motivate learners.

There is a clear progression of learning from year group to year group, with opportunities to regularly revisit topics covered in previous year groups to recall information and facts.

Our Science curriculum helps the children to develop their sense of responsibility in the world.

They learn to make decisions that will impact the environment and the world around them in positive ways. In their exploration of the world around them, children learn to become good stewards of God’s creation.

Curriculum Overviews