Reading Strategy

Books are a uniquely portable magic. – Stephen King

Reading lessons need to create readers, not just pupils who can read.

At St Joseph’s we believe reading is the key to unlocking the entire curriculum, therefore we prioritise reading across the whole school. EYFS and KS1 have daily Read, Write Inc lessons and KS2 have daily reading lessons.

Please see the structure below.

The text links to the terms core text for the term as well as texts specifically selected to support vocabulary development, descriptive language (fiction/poetry) or subject specific vocabulary (non-fiction).

The reading structure aims to enable the children to be able to read the text independently and fluently.

Reading lessons are daily for 30 mins. They involve language rich book discussions.

Questions are supported by VIPERS (Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Summarise) to enable the children to ensure full coverage of the six reading domains.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Reading for fluency

Modelled reading (15 mins)

Echo Reading

(10 mins)

Echo reading (5 mins)

Paired reading (5 mins)

Paired Reading (5 mins)

Independent reading


Vocabulary (10mins)

Vocabulary (10 mins)

Vocabulary (10 mins)

Vocabulary (5mins)


Book discussion/

Comprehension- skimming and scanning strategies taught

Retrieval (5mins)

Retrieval (10 mins)

Inference (15 mins)

Words in context (20 mins)

Extended answer questions requiring evidence

Once Year 2 have completed the RWI phonics scheme and can confidently decode all 44 sounds taught they begin to follow RWI comprehension.