SEND and Inclusion

Welcome to St. Joseph’s SEN Hub! We’ve collected lots of information, services and advice together and put them all on one page to help you with any SEN queries you may have.

At St Joseph’s we work hard to ensure that every member of our school community- pupils, parents, staff and visitors- feel safe and included. We are an inclusive school; ensuring inclusion is invisible, yet targeted and effective enabling all children to be successful and to thrive.

We focus heavily on a child’s well-being and developing a child as a whole, whatever their individual abilities or needs, where everyone is equally valued and welcomed.

Being individual and unique is something we value and nurture!

Through enquiry-based learning, promotion of growth mindset and enriching experiences, we equip children with a broad knowledge base, to be avid learners and to enjoy their learning.

We have high expectations for all children providing opportunities for them to flourish and become architects of the future.

We engage a range of strategies, on-site therapies and a range of provisions in order to challenge at an appropriate level and to provide support to overcome barriers to learning. Children with special educational needs are catered for within their own class and, where useful, may be withdrawn for short periods to work with specialist adults, individually or in a small group.

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