Reading in Key Stage 2

In school

In school, we have developed and carefully planned our reading provision with a focus on enabling every child to become a fluent, confident and eager reader with opportunities to read, discuss and listen to stories.

  • Your child will receive a daily reading lesson, where they will be taught specific reading skills.
  • Your child’s teacher will read a text from our EDI ( Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) book spine to the whole class.
  • Our soft start to the provides an opportunity for children to read for pleasure individually or in a small group.
  • There will be opportunities to read in EVERY lesson (including Maths, Geography, History, Science etc)
  • Your child will have independent reading time to read and discuss their books.
  • We have invested in a high-quality selection of ‘Reading for Pleasure’ books for each class. These are based on recommended reads for each year group. These books cover a range of genres recommended in the DfE Reading framework and are available for your child to read in school and also to take home to read with their family.

At home

To support your child’s development of reading skills and enjoyment of reading, we have developed these opportunities to engage with reading as a family:
Your child will bring home two books:

A levelled Book Band Book from the school library.

Encourage your child to read this book independently although they may need some support with new vocabulary or expression.

Ask questions about the book and talk lots about the story.


A reading for pleasure book (a book to share).

This is a high-quality book to read with or to your child and share the excitement and enjoyment of a story.

This book may include words that your child is not yet confident reading. You can read the book to them, share the story and talk about the book to help them enjoy books and stories while they are still learning.

It is important you do not expect your child to read this book independently – it is a book to be read and shared together.