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What was life like for children living in Putney during World War Two?

In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like ‘When and why did the Second World War begin? What was life like for the children of Putney? What was life like for the evacuees of Putney? What can we find out about WW2 from Henry Moore’s Paintings? Who used Morse code and why? How did children in Putney celebrate the end of the War?’


In English we will use the picture book of ‘Rose Blanche’ to fire up our imaginations and develop our writing.  To find out what life was like in Putney, we will write a report, create a leaflet and write creative stories and accounts.


In Maths we will look at the old money used during war and rationing books to develop mathematical ideas in problem solving, fractions and measurement etc.


In Science we will how to draw accurately and make a circuit for a simple Morse code machine, which comprises of buzzers, bulbs, wires, switches and a number of cells. Once the machine is made, we will then learn how to send secret messages.


In Geography and History we will use a range of atlases, globes and maps to identify which countries where involved in the Second World War and we will consider how the Second World War impacted the daily lives of the men, women and children of the time. Not only we will look at the causes and consequences of the war, but we will specifically look at the themes of ‘The evacuation of children’, ‘The Blitz’ and ‘The affects of rationing’. There will also be a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London.


In Design and Technology we will design and make a scaled model of an Anderson Shelter to show how people in Putney survived the Blitz and/or make a rocket out of a plastic bottle.  While in Computing we will  use search technologies effectively and safely to research what life was actually like for children living in Putney during the time of WW2 and will make a digital presentation of our findings.


Finally, in Art we will look at WW2 poster art as a means of proper gander and will focus on the work of Henry Moore depicting the experiences of people living through the Blitz. While in Music we will listen in detail to the music of the 1940s to identify the main genres of that period. We will also learn to sing expressively songs like ‘the White Cliffs of Dover’ and perform these to a variety of audiences.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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