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War Horse: A story of true friendship.  What is true friendship?

In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like:


  • Why did the author write the story of War Horse?
  • What was the setting and who were the main characters in the story?
  • Why did the author tell the story through the eyes of a horse?
  • How do art, photography, poetry and songs portray life during the First World War?
  • What does the story show us about the value of true friendship?


In English we will learn how to write a diary entry and/or a non-chronological recount about the value of true friendship inspired by the Book War Horse. Together we will learn how to structure a piece of writing and learn to how to write in an engaging way using creative sentence openers etc. We will also look at famous WW1 poems to help us to understand what life was like during this period of history and use these as inspiration to write poems about Friendship.


In Maths we will learn how to use a timeline to plot on the key events of the war and accurately draw a range of graphs to show things like how horses were used during this time etc.


In Science we will look at how mechanisms, including, levers, pulleys and gears, allow a small force to have a greater effect. To understand this, we will make a cotton reel model of a WW1 tank.


In Music we will listen to and perform a range of World War 1 (WW1) songs and compare them to pieces of modern day music. We will think about how the music of that time portrayed life. We will also listen to the works of wartime musicians such as Vaughan Williams, Edward Elgar and Gustav Holt.


In History we will develop your skills of enquiry and learn how to use a range of sources to understand what caused the war and what life was like in the trenches on the battlefields of France.


In Computing we will use search technologies to research the role of horses in WW1 and make a digital presentation of our findings.


In Geography we will use atlases and globes to show how a modern map of Europe has changed since 1914 and will use lines of longitude and latitude to describe these changes.


In Art you will consider how various artists portrayed the events of WW1 and the techniques they used to express the mood of the time. We will also look at the drawings of Rae Smith which provided the back drop the Theatre Production of Warhorse. We will also learn to develop our skills of sketching and painting to recreate a sense of WW1.


In Design and Technology we will make a moving puppet of a horse and develop our skills of measurement and precision. We will use a range of materials to help strengthen, stiffen and reinforce the puppet.


Finally, in PSHE we will discuss issues like war, bullying and animal welfare. We will also discuss questions like ‘Is it ever right to go to war?’ and ‘Should animals be used in war?’ We will also learn how to form healthy relationships with other people and understand the important values linked to true friendship.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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