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Unearthing the Egyptians

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Year 3: Unearthing the Egyptians

What can we learn from the Egyptians past and present?



In this learning challenge we will be studying a past society called Ancient Egypt. We will investigate questions like ‘Where was Ancient Egypt and where can it be found today? Who were the Egyptians? What factual evidence and artefacts did they leave behind? Why was Howard Carter regarded as an important tomb raider? How did the Egyptians survive in the hot desert? What great designs did they leave us? Where on earth did their precious stones come from?’


In English we will read together the story called ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’. This book explains where rocks, including precious stones, come from and how they are formed and changed by erosion. When reading this book we will pay attention to how the author has told the story and the natural themes he used to interest the reader. We will use the story to help us to realise the importance of planning and redrafting our work. We will also read a number of non-fiction texts about Ancient Egypt to develop our skill of reading for information.  Finally, we will look at how the Egyptians wrote down their ideas to communicate.


In Maths we will develop our mathematical skills relating to shape, space and measurement. We will look how to measure accurately Egyptian artefacts and rocks in terms of their length, weight and capacity using standard units. We will develop our skills of estimation by working out the size of Egypt great pyramids. We will use stones (counters) to work out the place values of 2 and 3 digit numbers.


In Science we will explore the materials and properties of some rocks and soils and we will investigate how they can be changed through heat, friction and by chemicals. We will carry out experiments showing how rocks are made up of solid particles that can be separated and/or dissolved.  We will then learn how to sort and categorise some forms of rocks.  We will describe in simple terms how fossils are formed and will unearth the amazing fossils which have been found in the desert of Egypt. We will conclude our discoveries by creating a scientific story board to explain our findings.


In Design and Technology, we will look at the design of the Great Egyptian Pyramids to understand how they have stood the test of time and will attempt to make our own model of the Pyramids of Giza.  While in Art and in Computing, we will use digital images and text to explore the treasure and paintings found by the tomb raiders. We will then design and make our own Egyptian art and artefacts.


In Geography and History, we will look at how the Ancient Egyptians and Modern Egyptians tribes survive in the desert and how they moved around. We will use atlases to locate and describe the key physical and human geographical features of Egypt.  We will also look at the amazing discovery of Howard Carter, who is considered to be the most famous tomb raider of all time and discover the amazing achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.

Finally in Music, we will compare ancient and modern Egyptian music by looking at the different musical instruments used over time.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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