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Turn up the power (Light and Electricity)

How and why is light and electricity so important to us today?

In this learning Challenge we will simply ask the question ‘How and why is light and electricity so important to us today?’


In English we will read together the book entitled ‘The Way Home’ to provide a creative perspective on the theme of light and electricity. We will learn to develop our sense of language by writing a number of recounts, stories and poems.


In Maths we will explore and problem solve the world of light and electricity by applying the four mathematical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and graphically represent ours finding using a range of graphs and charts.


In Science we will investigate how light is emitted from different sources, why light travels in straight lines, how it casts shadows, how it is reflected and how light is interpreted by the human eye. We will also develop our understanding of electrical circuits and make a set of traffic lights using a variety of switches.

In Design and Technology we will design and make the housing for a set of traffic lights and/or design and make a periscope to aid our understanding of how light travels and is reflected. While in Computing we will use data loggers to find the best location to site solar panels to provide the power to make our traffic lights work.


In Geography we will look at satellite images of the British Isles and of our world to identify sources of light pollution, while developing our atlases, compass and map skills. In History we will show how the discoveries of Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer of electricity, and Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb helped change the way with live today.


Finally, in Art we will look at great artists like Kandinsky, Leonardo da Vinci and Murnau to explore their

techniques and ideas regarding light and shade. While in Music we will explore how modern musicians, like Vangellis and Rick Wakeman, use electricity to produce a variety of different musical sounds and we will learn to reproduce electronic music using Ipads.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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