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What was life like in Tudor Times?

In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like ‘Who were the Tudors and when did they live? Who was Henry 8th and why did he marry so many wives? What was a Tudor banquet like?  How did Henry 8th change the family tree of the Royal Family? How is Tudor London similar and different to London today? And what is so different about Tudor music?’


In English we will read the famous story of ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. We will read the story together to find out how the author uses characters, action and the plot to convey the story’s themes, emotions and ideas. From this we will be inspired to write poems, play scripts and reviews based on the story.


In Maths we will gain a further insight of the Tudors by learning how to measure time and by drawing accurate time lines. We will also use standard units to measure weight, shape and capacity of some Tudor artefacts. When investigating the Tudors we will also learn to solve mathematical problems and learn how to calculate and explain mathematical ideas in the form of flow charts, tables and graphs. We will use these to reach our own conclusions about Tudor life.


As scientists, in Science we will investigate the ‘Sounds of Tudor Life’. We will explore how sound is made up of patterns of vibration, which affects pitch and volume and how these vibrations travel through a medium to the ear. We will use Tudor musical instruments to carry out our experiments. In Computing, we will use technology to select, import and edit Tudor sound files from online sources


In Design and Technology we will look at a typical Tudor diet and in response prepare and cook a savoury dish for guests at our class banquet.  We will then ask our guests to evaluate it. We will also design and make a typical reed instrument that may have been used in Tudor Times.


In Music and in PE we will learn about Tudor music and will perform a Tudor dance routine to our guests at the banquet. While in Art, we will paint a self-portrait, inspired by a portrait of Henry 8th, to decorate our banquet room.


Finally, in History we will research the life of King Henry 8th and through his marriages find out how he changed the line of British monarchs. As part of our banqueting theme, we will investigate what Tudor life was really like by looking at the roles of the poor and rich in going to a banquet. We will focus on the jobs done in the kitchen, the lives of the servants and guests who attended these banquets.  To help us imagine what Tudor life is like, you may visit Hampton Court, one of King Henry 8th palaces or Fulham Palace. We will use maps in Geography to discover how Tudor England has changed.



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