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Was the Great Fire of

London really great?

In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like “Who started the Great Fire of London? Where did the fire take place? What were the main causes of the fire? How did the fire help stop the plague? What materials were the buildings made from at that time? How are modern houses different today? What does the area around Pudding Lane look like today?”

In English we will read together the following books ‘The Great Fire of London’, ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’ and ‘London’s Burning’. These books will help us to understand how the fire started and what damage it caused. We will use other non-fiction texts to develop our understanding further.  In particular, we will learn how to extract information from dictionaries, encyclopaedias and from computers. We will then try to develop these ideas on paper. We will also try to use poetry and music about ‘The Great Fire’ to develop our speaking and listening skills.


In Maths we will try to estimate how many buildings were lost in the fire and how many people died as a result of the fire. We will then use mathematical ideas in the form of simple lists, tables, charts and graphs to show what we have discovered. We will also our skills of symmetry and measuring to understand the damaged caused by the fire.


In Science we will learn how to recognise and sort the different materials used to build old and new houses and explain how the properties of these materials changed when burnt by fire. We will also identify and compare the suitability of everyday materials like wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick and rock in building past and present houses in London.


In Design and Technology we will make stick puppets to re-enact the story of the Great Fire of London. We will use technology to research the best way to make stick puppets, use a range of materials to make them and develop our skills of cutting, shaping, joining and finishing in making them.


Inn Geography and History we will visit the Monument of London and/ or the Museum Of London to find out about the Great Fire. We will use maps and plans to see where the fire started and also draw a timeline showing the events that caused the fire. In addition we will record how London looks today through taking photographs of Pudding Lane and the surrounding area.


Finally, in Art we will create a backdrop and/ or a class collage of the Great fire of London using a range of art and design techniques and in Music sing songs expressively and creatively through a performance about the Great Fire of London.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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