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Why was Neil Armstrong


In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like “How did Neil Armstrong survive in space? What is a typical space diet like? Why is it important to exercise in space? What is a habitat? How does the artificial habitat of Neil Armstrong compare to a typical human habitat on Earth? And how are seasons formed?

In English we will read the book ‘Man on the Moon’ to fire up our imagination about the moon. We will use the book to help us sound new words and to write creative stories and poems. We shall also use a number of non-fiction books to introduce us to some technical words about the adventures in Space.  In addition, we will develop our speaking and listening skills through taking part in a number of drama activities.


In Maths we will identify the 2D and 3D shapes and patterns which can be found in our solar system and use a range of mathematical ideas to record our findings in objects, pictures, diagrams, words, numbers and symbols.


In Science we will find out about the basic needs of humans for survival and will learn about how Neil Armstrong survived in space. We will also learn why it is important to exercise and eat healthily while on Earth and in Space. Finally, in Science we will compare an artificial space habitat, with a typical human habitat on Earth.


In Design and Technology and will design and make a model of Neil Armstrong’s Space craft to explain how he survived in space.  In computing we learn about the importance of algorithms and use a programme called Kodu to write our own space adventure.


In Geography we will learn about how the Earth‘s orbit around the sun affects seasons and climates around the world. We will also learn to use satellite pictures to compare the physical and human features of the Earth and Moon. In History we will find out why Neil Armstrong’s achievements were so remarkable.


Finally, in Art we will compare well known paintings of the Solar System as an inspiration to paint our own interpretation of life in space. And then in Music we will learn to listen in detail to compositions like ‘The Planet Suite’, by Gustav Holt to understand the musical sounds associated with space.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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