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  • The curriculum holds spiritual, moral and social development as a top priority, and of course our curriculum for Religious Education is central to this development. Alongside our Values Education, RE is also at the heart of every other curricular area and all daily interactions at the school. More information on our curriculum for Religious Education, including education for personal relationships can be found towards the bottom of the page.


We use ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ series to help us to understand the religious content specified by the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for all age groups. To ensure a broad and creative approach is given to the teaching of RE this scheme is supplemented accordingly.



Values Education


Our Values Education is based on 22 core values, celebrated monthly on a two year cycle. These values are interwoven through the daily Catholic life of St Joseph’s and help form the ethos of the school. The teaching of these values may take the form of explicit value lessons, cross curricular learning, modelling (both adult to pupil and pupil to pupil), during collective worship. Through our Values education pupils are provided with the opportunity to:

- think about personal, social, moral and spiritual values and how they might demonstrate these through their words and actions.

-  deepen motivation, responsibility and ability in making positive personal and social choices.

-  be educated with a philosophy of living which will help them to live lives with respect, confidence and purpose.



Wednesday Word


The Wednesday Word is a website which shares Sunday’s Gospel with parents and families. There are activities and games too. Each week each class uses their collective worship time to discuss the Wednesday Word and share their reflections with the class. The Bible remains open on the Gospel throughout the week on each prayer table for ongoing reflections.


Faith Council


The Faith Council consist of two representatives in each year group who meet weekly to discuss who meet regularly to help those in need within our school and local community through actions and prayer. The Faith council are joined regularly at their meetings with Father Alex McAllister our Parish Priest.

  • What does the Faith Council do?
  • The children meet to talk, share ideas and concerns and pray about doing good works in the community. They also ensure their classroom environment is prepared for collective worship each day. They also help organise fund raising events such as cake sales for MacMillan Cancer Trust. They are also part of the CAFOD club.



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