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In this learning challenge we will look at an area in Brazil known as Amazonia. We will investigate questions like “Where is Amazonia? What is it like? What is its weather and climate like?  How is Amazonia connected to other places? How is it changing? How is Amazonia similar and different to our school locality? And what would it feel like to live in this part of the world?”

In English we will read together the book ‘The Village That Vanished’. This text tells the story of a young girl and an old woman, whose courage and quick-thinking save their fellow villagers from abduction by slavers. This book will give us an idea of what living in a village is like for some children from an economically developing country, like Brazil. We will use the book to develop our knowledge of storytelling language and to help us structure a convincing argument for a debate.


In Maths we will not only develop our calculative skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication to problem solve life’s every day challenges , but we will also use mathematical ideas to describe what Amazonia is like.. We will also focus on comparing metric measures, perimeter, area and using scale and co-ordinates to develop our understanding of Amazonia.


As scientists we will investigate the weather and climate of Amazonia. We will focus on the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and link the rate of evaporation with temperature. We will also construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying the produces, predators and prey living in the habitat of Amazonia.


In Geography we will use a globes, maps and plans to locate Amazonia in the world. We will use the internet to develop our skill of interpreting photographs and to research what life is like in this region of Brazil. We will also explore how Amazonia is connected to other places in Brazil and to the rest of the world, and lastly, we will compare the geographical similarities and differences to the school locality, through the study of its physical and human features. In History will find out about the Lost Amazonian Civilisation who has suffered at the hands of the modern world. While in Computing we will learn to use search technologies effectively and create a digital presentation about the destruction of the Amazonian Rainforest.


In Art and Design we will look at some examples of Amazonian tribal art as a starting point to inspire us to create a painting, collage or print. And in Design and Technology we will learn to make an Amazonian mask for a carnival and prepare and cook a well-known Brazilian meal.


Finally, in Music we will listen to the works of some great Brazilian composers and musicians and develop our sense of rhythm by taking part in a drumming workshop that will help us explore the sounds and rhythms of Amazonia and Brazil.


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