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Can I make a Pirate boat float?

In this learning challenge we will explore questions like “What is a pirate? Was Blackbeard a real pirate? What was pirate life like? How were their ships powered and where in the world did they sail to? And can I make my pirate boat float?

In English we will read together a book called ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ to help us understand how boats move through water and the hazards that may face them. We will use the story to identify its main characters, its sequence of events and the different settings the boat travelled through. From this we will write an imaginary story about pirates using a sequence of events.


In Maths we use our knowledge about pirate ships to describe their direction and movement. We will measure how far we can move a model ship in a single breath. We will also learn to estimate how many marbles (its ‘treasure’) our model boat can hold before it sinks. Through these activities, we will develop our skills of calculating length and weight and will learn new mathematical words to explain our findings.


In Science we will explore the differing materials used to make a boat float and will consider how pirates use the force of the wind to move their boats. We will also hunt for treasure using magnets and a string.  We will focus on the materials pirate boats are made from and we will test their physical properties to find out how strong they are and if they float. We will use this knowledge to develop our scientific investigative skills.


In Design and Technology we will design and make model pirate ship from materials that will float and we will talk about its design and how to improve it. Through Music we will learn sing pirate songs and play along with them using a range of instruments to create musical ideas and sounds.  And in Computing we will learn how to record these different sounds to make music.


In Geography we will use a range of globes, maps and plans to find buried treasure and will use compasses to follow a pirate trail in Wandsworth Park. While in History, we will find out how pirates lived and worked in Britain and the wider world. Finally in PE we will take part in a number of pirate games to develop our teamwork and game skills.


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