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Our wonderful bodies.

Why are they so amazing?

In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like ‘What is the human digestive system like?  How do our different types of teeth breakdown our food and prepare it for our digestive system? What is a food chain? Who eats who? What is a healthy diet and how does this maintain a healthy body?’ And ‘How have past medical achievement helped to protect our bodies from disease?’

In English we will read together a book entitled ‘Krindlekrax’, by Philip Ridley.  This story is about a puny boy called Ruskin Splinter who often goes unnoticed in his class. One day a mysterious beast, known as Krindlekrax, threatens Lizard Street and everyone who lives there. It is Ruskin that saves the day and proves he has the stuff that heroes are made of. We will use the book to inspire us to write an engaging and well-structured recount of an event. We will also learn how to develop our literacy skills of scientific report writing in terms of layout, presentation and organisation.


In Maths we will present and interpret our findings about our wonderful bodies in the form of bar charts, time graphs, pictograms and tables, while continuing to develop our mathematical skills of arithmetic, measure, classification and reasoning.


In Science we will learn to describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans and will identify the different types of teeth in breaking down food that enters the system. We will also find out about and learn how to draw a variety of food chains which identify producers, predators and prey.


In Design and Technology we will learn about how a healthy and varied diet maintains a healthy body and will learn how to prepare and cook a healthy dish using a range of cooking techniques. While in Computing we will learn how use our amazing brain and senses to make a digital presentation about our wonderful bodies.


In Geography we will learn about where in the UK our food comes from. We will use atlases and digital maps to identify and locate the food producing and food consuming regions of the UK and explain how their physical and human geography give rise to different types of farming in the UK. While in History, we will look at the medical discoveries and achievements of eminent scientist like Lewis Pasteur and Alexandra Fleming in protecting our bodies from disease.


In Art we will try finger painting and hand and foot printing to create a piece of art. We will also look at famous paintings like the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci to help us draw a portrait of a person. Finally, in PE and PSHE will look at the best way of keeping our bodies healthy and fit for life.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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