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Our Watery World: Why is water so precious?

In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like “Where does rain come from? How does the amount of rainfall vary in the world? How does too little or too much rainfall affect the lives of people? What is a river and how does it change the landscape? How can you control the flow of a river? How are gases changed in the water cycle? And how does water affect the properties and changes in materials?


In English we will read together the story of the ‘Kasper, Prince of Cats’, by Michael Morpurgo. This is a story of a cat that accidently joined the royal home of Countess Kandinsky’s and became known as Kasper, Prince of Cats. He travelled far and wide, surviving theft, rooftop rescues and ship wreck. As far as anyone knows, Kasper is the only cat to survive the sinking of the Titanic. We will use the book as a starting point for writing a diary to explore our feelings and ideas, focussing on the creative use of language.


In Maths we will look at a range of shapes and their properties for collecting rainfall.  We will look at the most appropriate standard measurements for recording rainfall and temperature. We will then estimate which shape would be most appropriate to use as a rain gauge in the school playground. We will use mathematical ideas and calculations in understanding how rivers work and finally, we will then use a range of tables, charts and graphs to present our findings to the rest of the class.


Through Science we will look at how water changes from one state to another in the water cycle. We will carry out experiments to show how water can be evaporated, condensed and turned back into water droplets. We will also look at how water affects the properties and changes of materials. Finally, in Science, we will look at how a river can be used to generate electricity and will focus on how the River Wandle, a tributary of the Thames, powers the light source in the school’s library.


While in Design and Technology we will design and make a rain gauge based on our findings about the best containers for collecting and measuring rainfall. We will then keep a diary of how much rainfall has fallen over a period of time. Lastly in DT, we will look how the Thames Barrier protects us from flooding and design and make our own dam to control the flow of water


In Geography we will look at patterns of rainfall across the world and will look at the effects of too little and too much rainfall on the lives of people. We will also find out how a river changes the landscape through the processes of erosion, transportation and deposition. In History we will investigate how Victorian Engineers controlled disease through the creation of London’s Sanitation System.  While in Computing we will learn to track the daily weather and make our own weather report.


Finally, in Art and Music we will explore the soul of a river by looking the great paintings such as Waterloo Bridge, by Claude Monet and The River Thames by Canaletto and the inspirational Handel’s Water Music to inspire our creativity.


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