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Learning Challenge Curriculum:  What are my five wonderful senses and how do I use them?



In this learning challenge we will explore questions like “How many senses do I have? How do I use my senses every day? And what would life be like without my senses?”

In English we will develop our sense of listening and will learn to develop skills of writing, speaking and drama to understand how our senses work. Through reading the book ‘Peace at Last’ we shall understand how our senses depend on a good level of rest.


In Maths we will learn how to use our senses to count, recognise number patterns, patterns and shapes. We will try to use all our senses to problem solve mathematical challenges.


In Science we will identify, name and label the basic parts of the human body and we will also learn about how these parts help us smell, feel, see, taste and hear.


In Design and Technology we will learn to use our senses to prepare and cook a healthy dish to eat. In Art to design and make a musical instrument, while in Music we will learn to blend the sounds of our instruments to create musical ideas and sounds and learn to use our voices expressively and creatively to sing a range of songs to develop our sense of listening. In Computing we will learn how to record these different sounds to make music.


In Geography  we will use our senses to interpret the features that can be found in our school grounds and will follow a sensory trail to our local park to explore its natural features. We will use our senses to observe and to carry out simple fieldwork tasks.


Finally in PE we will learn to co-ordinate some of our senses to help us develop our dance, gymnastics and games skills.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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