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Mega structures

What are they and why do people build them?

In this learning challenge we will explore questions like ‘What is a mega structure? What are the world’s most famous megastructures? Where in the world are they? What are they like? Has London any megastructures? How some of these mega structures changed people’s lives? What shapes are used to make mega structures strong?’

In English we will read together the story of book called ‘Willy the Wizard’ by Anthony Browne to help us dream the impossible!  We will also be reminded about the story of the ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to help us think about the best materials for building a strong house and mega structure. We will also take part in a short play based or one of these stories to develop our imagination and language in order to improve our writing.


In Maths we will use these stories to help us to recognise and to write down two digit numbers up to 99. We will look at the number patterns and sequences of even and odd numbers and work out simple mathematical calculations. We will build our own megastructures by using a range of blocks of varying size and then we will try to work out which shapes are the strongest for building a megastructure. Using different scales we will weigh different materials like straw, wood and bricks etc.


In Science we will investigate the types of natural and man-made materials used to build a mega structure. We will work scientifically to explore their similarities and differences and learn how to sort and group these materials according to their size, weight, strength, colour, hardness and flexibility etc.


In Computing we will use Ipads to search, retrieve and store digital data about mega structures. While in Design and Technology, we will use our knowledge of materials and their shape to build a strong model of a mega structure.


 In Geography and History we will visit a megastructure in London and we will find out about the people who have lived in it in the past and who live in it today. We will use maps, Google Earth and photographs to describe what the mega structure looks like. We will also find where most of the world’s mega structures can be found and will look at the life of a famous British engineer who designed a mega structure or a British Monarch who had one built for them.


Finally, in Art we will learn to draw some of the shapes seen in mega structures and look at some mega sculptures created by famous artists. And in Music we will look at songs sung about famous structures like ‘London Bridge is falling down’ etc.


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