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‘Learning to love, loving to learn.’


Our school motto is ‘Learning to love, loving to learn’. In short this means that we want you to learn the essential knowledge and skills which will help you form great relationships with children and adults within the school community, while learning about subjects that will help you learn about the world you live in. We want you to love learning and for you to reach your full potential as a learner.  To achieve this we expect you to:




Show total commitment to your learning and to do your best.

Believe in yourself and develop a ‘Can do’ attitude.

To be creative and innovative and have an enquiring mind.

To seek a true spirit of adventure for learning with a passion for developing your full potential.

To place an emphasis on reflecting and improving your own learning.

To develop resilience and perseverance in the face of difficult challenges.



To help you reach your full potential we have devised a curriculum that is broad and balanced, yet fit for the 21st Century you live in.


English, Maths, PE and RE are taught as separate subjects to help you master the essential skills and knowledge of life.


Science, Design and Technology, Information and communication technology, History, Geography, Art and Design, Music and PSHE are all taught within our new learning challenge curriculum.


At St Joseph’s we believe that the root to ‘learning to love, loving to learn’ is by loving reading. Throughout your time, the school will pack your imaginary rucksack of life with a minimum of 36 rich texts that you will be able to draw on for the rest of your life. They will fire up your imagination and hopefully inspire you to be a life long reader.


Metaphorically speaking, we believe that ‘everyone can walk with a step of genius’.  We want you to develop your step of genius by you developing your gifts and talents through our Go4it Curriculum and many extra curricular activities.


Together our curriculum will help you to learn to love and love to learn!



Learning Challenge Expectations by Year Group

Learning Challenge Expectations Year 1

Learning Challenge Expectations Year 2

Learning Challenge Expectations Year 3

Learning Challenge Expectations Year 4

Learning Challenge Expectations Year 5

Learning Challenge Expectations Year 6

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