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It’s cold and dark outside!

Why is electricity so important to modern living?

In this learning challenge we will ask the question ‘Why is electricity so important to modern living?’


In English we will read the story of ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells. This will give us some idea of what life is like in the cold regions of our planet and how electricity can help humans survive in these areas.  We will also read a non-fiction text about Captain Scott exploring Antarctica to give us an idea of how people can battle against living outside in the cold.  Through these texts we will develop our writing by organising our thinking, drafting a plan of action and learning to use creative language to interest our readers.  Throughout this learning challenge we will develop our sense of speaking and listening by taking part in a group presentation about the importance of electricity in modern living.


In Maths we will explore different mathematical ideas of measuring the cold and we will learn how to read and count in negative numbers up to two digits. We will then use a variety of mathematical ideas to graphically represent our findings.


In Science we will learn to identify common appliances that run on electricity in our homes, construct a simple electrical circuit comprising of switches, wires bulbs and cells etc. and recognise that conductors and insulators affect the flow of electricity. In Design and Technology we will use our knowledge of electrical circuits to light up a model house, and in Computing we will use data loggers to record the cold and bright areas of the school and present our finding as a digital presentation.


In Geography we will learn to locate the cold regions of our planet using globes and atlases and will learn how to use a weather station to record our daily weather. We will also look at digital maps to show which cities, regions of the UK and the wider world give off the most light pollution. We will also explore the various ways that electricity is produced.  While in History we will investigate the life of one of the following Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison or Captain Scott.


In Art we will look at the painting ‘Electricity from the sky’ by Benjamin West, 1816 to inspire us to draw and paint a lightning scene. Finally in Music we will use software to compose a piece of electronic music.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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