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Introducing the Romans

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Introducing the Romans.

How did the Romans leave their mark on Britain?

In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like “When and how did the Roman Empire start?  When did they invade Britain and what battles did they fight? What was Roman life like in Britain? How did the Romans use science to heat their homes? How did the Romans change Britain and what can we learn from them today?


In English we will read the story of ‘Romulus and Remus’, an ancient story of twins who gave rise to the birth of the Roman Empire. We will use the story to help us evaluate right and wrong and to inspire our writing on this theme. As well as writing, we will use the story to develop our speaking and listening skills through performing in a modern day play of the book.


In Maths we will develop and apply ideas about numbers through the use of notation diagrams and symbols like the Roman numerals. We will develop our skills of measurement to work out the perimeter and area of some important Roman Villas and homes. We will also use Roman mosaics to help us understand the mathematical ideas of tessellation and symmetry.


In Science, we will learn how the Romans heated their homes and villas. We will particularly focus on the process of evaporation and condensation and link these ideas to the water cycle. In addition, we will explore how they changed materials by heating them to very high temperatures.


In Geography we will explore how the Romans influenced the shape and names of our towns and cities and our current road network. We may visit a Roman Villa and learn about its human and physical features, while developing our map skills. While in History we will look at the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. In addition we will find out how the Romans lived and how they have affected our lives today. We will also learn about some of their battles and architecture, like Hadrian’s Wall, to maintain peace and order in Britain.


Based on a visit to a Roman villa and/or Wandsworth Museum, we will make a model of a Roman Villa or Fort in Design and Technology, showing how the Romans lived. And in Art we will recreate our own version of a Roman Mosaic. We will use our skills in computing to help us research what Roman life and architecture.


In Music, we will out about the popular instruments they used to make music and listen to musical film scores that portray Roman life to inspire our musical creativity. Finally, in PSHE we will look at the idea of right and wrong and the importance of treating everyone fairly and kindly with respect.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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