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Inspirational People

Inspirational People.

How do inspirational people change our attitudes towards discrimination?

In this learning challenge we will find out about live lives of a variety of inspirational people like Anne Frank, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and David Weir (Para Olympian). We will ask questions like ‘Why are some people so inspirational? How did their lives change people’s attitude toward discriminations? And what lessons can we learn from them today?’


In English we will read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ to give us some insight of what life was like for Jewish people living under Nazi occupation.  From her diary entries we will try to understand her character, the setting she found herself in and the themes she used to describe her oppressed life.  In contrast, we will explore the benefits of writing a diary to note down the events of a week and what we feel about them.


To develop our speaking and listening skills we will research the life of an inspirational person and then take part in a class debate about attitudes of discrimination. You will be required to plan, draft, revise, proofread, present, discuss and evaluate your argument with members of your class.


In Maths we will look at a mystery concerning the life of an inspirational person to help us recognise and describe number patterns up to four-digit numbers, use decimals to measure time and to use mathematical ideas to graphically represent our research about them. We will also develop our mathematical skills of calculating the mode, medium and mean and represent this information accurately using line graphs.


In Science we will be building on our previous knowledge of forces to explore further the effects of friction that acts between moving surfaces and will seek to deepen our knowledge of how some mechanisms like levers, pulley and gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect. We will apply these ideas in Design and Technology by making a shoe box model of a home to improve a disabled person’s access through including features like ramps, grab rails and stair lifts etc.


In History we will look at the life of one inspirational person like William Wilberforce, Anne Frank, Jessie Owens, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawkins and David Weir and comment on how they have changed people’s attitudes towards discrimination. And in Computing we will use search technologies effectively to select, store, and retrieve data and use it to present our findings about an inspirational person. We will make a digital presentation to show the rest of the class.


 In Geography we will look at inspirational people who are in the news today and will name and locate the countries of the world that they live in. We will use atlases and globes to accurately describe their location. In PSHE we will explore how to use our new knowledge about inspirational people to develop good relationships and respect for the differences between people.


In Art we will undertake a project entitled ‘Super Heroes’ and will look at pieces of well-known art  by artists like Janie McGee and her painting entitled ‘Civil Rights Line’. While in Music we will listen to famous civil rights songs and learn to perform these accurately and expressively with voice control.  We will look at the musical work of Pete Seeger, Sam Cooke and Bob Dylan etc.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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