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How does your garden grow?

In this learning challenge we will explore questions like “How do seasons how affect plant life? How does our weather cause plants to grow and develop? Can you name the parts of a plant? Where does our food come from? What is seasonal food? And can you make a healthy meal?

In English we will read together two books called ‘A seed in need’, by Sam Godwin and ‘The Flower’ by John Light. In an imaginative way, both books follow the growth of a plant from seed to full flowering. We will use the stories to learn new words like seed, light, warmth, nutrients, stem, petal, roots, leaves and growth and learn how to put these words into sentences.


In Maths we will have fun counting up to 20 and beyond and we will learn how to read and write down these numbers. We will develop our skills of measuring by comparing the heights of different plants. We will also learn to recognise the different shapes which make up plants.


In Science we will explore how plants grow. We will learn how to identify and name the plants that grow in our gardens. We will also look at how our season and weather affects plant growth.  As scientists we will conduct growing experiments at home and in school. In Geography we will learn how to recognise measure and record the weather.


Through Music we will learn to sing songs like ‘Mary, Mary quiet contrary, how does your garden grow?’ and play along with them using a range of instruments to create musical ideas and sounds.  We will also learn how to use our voices expressively and creatively.


In Computing we will learn how to record these different sounds to make music. We will also take digital photographs to record the different plants we find and identify. While in DT we will cook a healthy meal from the food in our gardens.


Finally, in Art we will use a range of materials to make a painting, collage or sculpture of Van Gough’s famous painting of sunflowers.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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