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Going for gold and the

value of teamwork.

How can I be the best I can be?

In this learning challenge we will aim to do our best and investigate questions like; ‘What is a champion and how can I become one? How do our young bodies grow into adults? What do our bodies need to grow strong, fast, alert and healthy? How can champions, like Usain Bolt, move so quickly? And how does teamwork help me to do my best?’

In English we will use the story of ‘Dave and the Tooth Fairy’, by Verna Wilkins. This is a story about an enterprising young man who loses (really loses) a tooth. Dave quietly takes his Grandpa’s dentures to put under his pillow, hoping to fool the tooth fairy into giving him a big reward. We will look at Dave’s character to see if he has the quality to be a champion and team player. When writing down our ideas, we will learn to check our work for the correct use of capital letters, full stops and spelling. We will try to use nouns, verbs and pronouns in our writing.


In Maths we will learn to understand how to measure short and longer distances.  We will also learn how to measure accurately how fast we can run and record our findings in a chart so to improve our own performance. We will also measure how height of every member in the class and will work out how tall the class would stand if we added all our heights together. In addition, we will also learn to place numbers and objects in chronological order of value and size etc.  In Computing we will use technology to help us measure accurately and to graphically represent our findings. We will learn to safely email these findings to other people.


In Science we will look at how our young bodies grow into adults and we will measure the height a number of children and adults across the school. We will look at the basic needs that humans need for survival and consider the importance of staying healthy through physical exercise, having a good diet and through getting the right amount of rest. While in Art and in Design and Technology we will design and make a medal fit for a champion.


In Geography we will link the world’s continents with the Olympic Rings and will use a globe, atlas and a world map to find out which continent has held the Olympic Games the most times. We will also look at aerial photographs of the Olympic Park in Greenwich to see how it has change since 2012.  In History we will look at the history of the Olympic Games and some of its famous champions like Usain Bolt.


Finally, in Music and Movement we listen to and create our own dance to the music of the Olympic Opening Ceremony of London 2012 entitled ‘Isles of Wonder.’ And in PE we will try to develop skills which will help us to become fast and strong through playing a range of games. We will also explore how teamwork tactics can help to improve our performance, so that we can be the best we can be!


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