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In this learning challenge we will investigate questions like “What are dinosaurs and when did they live? How do we know they existed? Which parts of the world do dinosaurs come from? Who was the first person to discover a dinosaur in Britain and where did they find it? Who are their descendants?”


In English we will read together the book called ‘The Dinosaurs and all that rubbish’, by Michael Foreman.  This is a story about when humans leave the barren Earth for a distant star and the dinosaurs come back to life to tidy up the mess that the humans have left. We will use the text to develop our creative language skills through learning new words about the world of dinosaurs. We also will learn about the importance of planning and drafting our written work.


In Maths we will develop our skills of counting to 100 and beyond. We will learn how to problem solve dinosaur mysteries through using mathematical functions of addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will use co-ordinates to show where dinosaurs lived and the journeys they made and which direction they travelled. We will also develop our measuring skills to explain their movements and use symmetry to describe a dinosaur’s shape.


In Science we will try to identify dinosaurs through studying pictures of fossils through looking at their similarities and differences and will learn how to sort them into groups. We will explore and compare the differences between things that are living; dead and that have never been alive. We will also find out what dinosaurs and other animals needed to survive and how changes in their habitats caused dinosaurs and some animals to become extinct.


In Geography we will use maps, atlases, photographs and the internet to find out where dinosaurs lived. In History we will look at a famous Victorian person called Mary Anning who discovered the first dinosaur bones in Lyme Regis in England and will look at a timeline to find out how long ago did dinosaurs live. While in Computing we will learn to use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content about dinosaurs.


In Design and Technology and in Art we will design and make a dinosaur mask from a range of recycled materials.  And finally in Music and Movement, we will create our own dinosaur music and perform a dance to it.


Your reading text for this challenge is:


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