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Ancient Greece.

Have the Greeks given us more than any other civilisation?

In this learning challenge we will find out about Ancient Greece and in particular find out about Greek life, their achievements and their influence on the western world. We will investigate questions like “Who were the Ancient Greeks? What was the diet of an Ancient Greek and how does this compare to a Modern Greek diet? What was life like for a Greek soldier? How do the ancient Olympic Games compare with today’s modern Olympic Games? And how have the Ancient Greeks influenced our lives today?”


In English we will read together the story of ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’ by Hugh Lupton. The adventures of Odysseus are a travel back in time experience.  Once the Trojan War ended, Odysseus thought his journey home would begin. What he assumed was the end of his adventure was truly only the beginning.  We will use the story to inspire us to develop our creative use of language. We will find out how the author uses creative language to explain the main characters, setting and themes in the story and we will learn to use some of these skills to develop our imaginative writing. The story will help us to imagine what life was like in Ancient Greece and what it would be like to be a Greek soldier. We will also look at the Greek alphabet and explore how Greek words have influenced our language today.


In Maths we will discover that many of our mathematical ideas come from Ancient Greece. Geometry, calculus, number theory, algebra and ideas explaining shape are just a few ideas they gave to the modern world. We will learn how to recognise different shapes and the types of angles that help form them. As mathematicians, we will learn to measure their angles in degrees and learn how to draw their lines of symmetry to understand them further.


The Ancient Greeks were also famous for their many inventions. In Science we will learn that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears allow smaller forces to have greater effect. We will explore how the Ancient Greeks used these mechanisms and to irrigate the land and to move heavy objects. While in Computing, we will look at how the Ancient Greeks contributed to the first analogue computer and develop our knowledge and understanding to use algorithms to programme.


In Design and Technology we will look at some of some of the great inventions which came out of Ancient Greece. For example, we will look at the Archimedes screw pump to lift water from one place to another and compare this invention with modern day pumps. We will then try to design and make our own model to move water from one place to another. We will also learn how to make pitta bread, a staple in the Greek diet.


In History we will look at Greek life and achievements and their influences on the Weston World. We will find out about things like life as a Greek soldier, Greek Gods and Greek myths and theatre and the achievements of famous mathematicians like Pythagoras and Aristotle and their impact on Ancient Greece and on the world today. We will also look at how the Ancient Greeks have influenced the modern Olympic Games. In Geography, we will look at the location of Ancient Greece and modern day Greece. We will find out how it is connected to other parts of the world and compare the similarities and differences of a child living in modern day Athens with a child living in London. In addition, we will use maps, atlases and globes to understand the human and physical features of both places.


 And finally, in Art we will look at famous Greek artists like Hermogenes, a potter and use his ideas to make a clay pot. While in Music we will listen to traditional and modern day Greek music to inspire us to perform a piece of Greek music with accuracy, fluency and expression.


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