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Administering Medicines

The administration of medicines in school is not encouraged. Children with long term problems, eg asthma, are an exception and should have medication in school. Where children must take prescribed medicines, these should be administered by the parent outside school hours if possible. Medicine that needs to be taken three times a day could be taken in the morning, after school hours and at bedtime. If the medicine must be taken during school hours, parents are expected to bring this medicine into school and administer the dose at the appropriate time. Where this is not possible it is essential that Form C – Parental agreement for the school to administer medicine for pupils with a short term medical condition.


The medicine must be provided in the original container (as dispensed by the pharmacist) and include the prescriber’s instructions for administration. We cannot accept any medicine that has been removed from the original container and we can only administer the dosage that is written on the label. All medicines should be handed into the office by the parent/carer and clearly labelled with the child’s name, dosage and timing and name of medicine and Form C above completed.


If a child refuses to take medicine, school staff must not coerce the child. The parent will be informed of the refusal.


More information can be found on the school’s Medical Conditions Policy.




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